Active Woman from Bio-Synergy is the UK's first sports nutrition range dedicated to women.

If you love fitness and getting results from your workouts, this range of sports supplements is perfect for you.

For far too long, the sports nutrition world has been dominated by macho bodybuilders. Well, not anymore! Roughly 60% of gym-goers are women, and it's time we get the smart nutrition we deserve.

That's where Active Woman comes in. Not just simply a 'pink it and shrink it' diet series, this is a hard hitting, girls-only range of supplements for ladies who know that 'strong' is the new 'skinny'. That a lady is never in a hurry, but odds are she can still outrun you. That sweat is sexy.

The Active Woman sports nutrition range is specially designed with the choicest high-quality ingredients to maximise toned muscle development and assist weight management in the gym or at home. Chock full of strategic vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. The experts at Bio-Synergy have even packed in more protein than most leading men's brands. Girls rule!

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