Based in Singapore the yoga online business Yogi Global™ was founded by David Ward who has spent twenty five years working in the global sports fashion field.

His yogi journey is like that of many others that turn towards a yoga and wellness lifestyle. One of injury, stress and breakdowns in relationships.

Originally from the UK he now lives and works in South East Asia, where the idea for a wellness / yoga business first developed in 2014.

As a keen environmentally focused person he also created at this time what is now one of South East Asia's most well known environmentally friendly product brands Nootrees®. His mission is to Save the World... This business continues to develop both in Asia and in the US.

But it was not until returning from a yoga retreat with his wife Yvonne in late 2017 that David finally decided to set about changing the yoga world, having been mulling the idea for almost three years in various forms.

Seeking to help further spread the positive impacts in a life that yoga and general wellness can have, but also to build a platform that would help teachers and studios gain more from the increased popularity of yoga around the world.

" I want to help share the positive impacts yoga has on my life with others" states David Ward , Founder Yogi Global™.

A simple enough goal.

Yogi Global is the first global platform aimed at helping to create further incomes for studios and teachers by offering them the opportunity to join with us in providing their students with great yoga and wellness focused products.

"Bringing the commercial knowledge I have gained over twenty five years to bear in helping curate a great and continually growing section of products for the purpose of offering those engaged in improving themselves through the practice of yoga great choices and via a platform which involves the person teaching them, guiding them on their yogi journey is our mission" said Ward.

We hope you will join us on your journey.

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